Silvio Berlusconi ‘sex tapes’ released, he has no secrets

Silvio Berlusconi’s sexually explicit tape, recorded by an high class escort girl, was released to the press
> L’espresso – Italian

Partial conversation transcript:
PD – A young man would have come in a second.. I mean he would have come… Young men usually have a lot of pressure.
SB – But if you will you allow me… I believe it is a family thing.
PD – What?
SB – Having an orgasm.
PD – You know how long it has been since I had sex like I had with you tonight. It’s several months, since I broke with my boyfriend. Is this normal?
SB – May I? You should have sex with yourself. You should touch yourself often.

“Mr Berlusconi has not denied that Ms D’Addario went to his official residence but claims he “cannot remember her” and that he would not pay for sex “because it does not involve the thrill of conquest”.”
> Telegraph