Weird confiscated items – part II

A 24 year old guy travelling from Sydney to Bangkok was caught with 44 reptiles in his luggage of which 24 shingleback lizards, 16 bluetongue lizards, three black-headed pythons and an albino carpet python spotted by Customs officials on Sydney’s airport. In fact one of the lizzards was kept inside a sock.
Regarding this case, Richard Janeczko from Customs and Border Protection said “Wildlife smuggling is a serious crime. Customs and Border Protection continues to prevent, investigate and prosecute wildlife smuggling attempts into and out of Australia in a bid to end this cruel practice.”

Reptile inside sock
Reptile inside sock

In a different continent, thousands of kilometers away another strange case of reptile smuggling was detected in Stockholm, Sweden, where a woman was arrested with 75 live snakes hidden in her bra. Officials became suspicious when they spotted the woman repeatedly scratching her chest. Clearly they were either very small snakes, or the lady in question was wearing a very large bra.