Man with Jamaican accent wanted by police for making hoax calls

UK police are searching for a rapper who has been bombarding emergency telephone lines with thousands of hoax 999 calls.

The man dials the emergency number and then begins to rap, sing, chant, preach and blast loud music to bewildered operators.

The calls, which have blocked the line at busy times, have been going on since January last year.

In the last three months alone, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) say he has made around 700 calls to them, costing the force up to 1,000 pounds a month.

Audio clips of some of the calls were released by the force today in the hope that somebody will recognise his Jamaican accent and tip them off.

Despite more than 60 SIM cards being blocked, he continues to call, using unregistered phones and stopping call handlers dealing with genuine emergencies.

Police say they have worked with a number of different mobile phone companies to establish that most of the calls are made from either the Moss Side or Old Trafford areas of Manchester.

“I would hope he does not do this out of malice, because he is putting lives at risk,” said superintendent Karen Lee, who is head of GMP’s call handling.

Nevertheless, this is not the first attempt to deter this kind of initiatives. 999 emergency service ( 911 in US and 112 in most EU countries ) has some videos on Youtube with recordings of previous hoax calls.

The police through out the calls are very polite in answering them and don’t get frustrated. We have to commend them for that.

Because of the unnecessary calls, the government has enacted laws and fines them as much as $10,000 and face a possible prison sentence of six months.

Chief Superintendent Dave Hayler said:

“Wasting the time of the emergency services could cost lives because the emergency services might not be available to respond to real emergencies if they are attending hoax calls,”

Though the calls are funny, these calls unnecessary prevent calls that requires real help quickly. And most of the emergency centers are under staffed to get these calls. Unless an emergency, please use Google or some other places to get help.