Bodyguard shocked by Britney Spears’ exposed body

Britney Spears’ ex-bodyguard last night claimed the superstar sexually harassed him – by bending over in a short nightie to expose herself.

In the words of the 29 years old former cop Flores “She dropped her cigarette lighter on the floor, bent over to retrieve it and thereby exposed herself.”

His claim for £10 million damages filled in a Los Angeles court states that the incident caused him “shock, horror and disgust”.

This was a recurring situation which started in his first days of work with Spears. He says he was in his second week working for Britney, 28, when she first flashed her breast at him in the bedroom of her home in Calabasas, LA.

He claims that in another incident Britney bent to pick up something without underwear on – then looked at him “with a leer on her face”.

The guard said he complained to his superior, who told him: “You know you like it.”

Flores also claims that Britney sometimes summoned him to be at her house in 15 minutes – and not to be late.

He would arrive to find the star standing there naked.

Flores says that on one occasion “after an awkward silence” he asked nude Britney what she wanted. She hesitated before asking him “to get her two litre bottles of 7 Up.”

The guard also claims he heard Britney “loudly having sexual relations” while her two young sons were in a hotel suite with her in Anaheim, California.

He also says he twice returned to her house to find her “having vigorous sexual relations”.