Lady Gaga shows her cheeks wearing a raw meat dress

All the fuss around Lady Gaga is not only related to the 8 prizes she won at the MTV Video Music Awards but also because the raw meat dress she wore during the ceremony.

Gaga assures the dress shows a clear message.

In her own words: “If we don’t stand up for our rights soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones. And I am not a piece of meat.”

This all comes only a few days after she posed for the Japanese magazine “Vogue Hommes” wearing a raw meat bikini.

Of course the dress drew all the attentions and the questioning started immediately. Franco Fernandez, the dress creator, explained that in the morning of the event he collected 25Kg of beef to create the ‘masterpiece’.

According to Franco Fernandez, “Gaga said she felt comfortable”, has he attended the show that caught a big audience.

PETA, the animal rights defense group, promptly criticized the singer arguing that it was an offensive display.

Liz O’Neill, of the Vegetarian Society, said: “It’s not nice to see another use for dead animals. We see it as another animal that has suffered.
“Meat-eaters shocked by these images should think about their own apathy for vegetarianism.”

In the TV show DeGeneres, the singer already made public that she had no intention of disrespecting vegetarian, at the same time that Cher publicly says on twitter that the dress was a real piece of art.