Chilean miners trapped

‘La mina se comió a los 33’

The story of the 33 miners who spent more than two months trapped underground in San José’s mine will reach the cinemas as a pornographic movie with the title ‘La mina se comió a los 33’, informed the directors.

Chilean miners trapped

The film will be directed by Leonardo Barrera and will star Anna Karenina. According to the director “the intention is not to show a huge orgy on the screen”, but “doing something nice.”

Leonardo Barrera

Barrera also said that with this film they intend to “use the miners story as ‘social criticism'”. According to the filmmaker, the miners in Chile are not seen “as heroes but as victims of a system that is poorly done and caused all this.”

Chilean novel pornstar Anna Karenina, in the photo, is a 20 years old model who says she wanted to be a porn star since she was 13.
Anna Karenina

The film will include stories related to the rescue of the miners, but will highlight the history of miner , which became known as the ex-miner, who had two women waiting for him.

The closure of the 33 miners, who were 70 days to 700 meters deep in the mine of San Jose in northern Chile, is already the subject of some feature films and television series.