grandpa & grandson

Grandpa picks the wrong kid at school and takes him home

There are clueless people and this grandfather is certainly one of them. An adult from the city of San Sebastian in Spain should withdraw his year and a half grandson from school, but failed to meet the goal after an “unusual” incident.

grandpa & grandson

As reported by the “Ertzaintza” (police force of the Basque Country), on 0:30 midday Tuesday a man went to pick up his grandson at a “ikastola” (primary school) of San Sebastian, Spain. The grandfather confused the school, which was very close to another one, and took home a child who was not his grandson.

When the baby’s mother went to pick up your child, she saw that he had been picked by another person and therefore has filled a complaint by the disappearance of his son with the police.

Meanwhile, in another school it was advised that a child had not been collected, as planned. The police linked both incidents and has clarified the confusion, so that by 2:30pm each respective child was with his family.

One could argue that this is was a parental failure, letting a grandpa which doesn’t even recognize his grandson pick him up at school, but what about school security? Letting anyone pick a child at school is certainly a big security flaw…