Spanish police women posing as criminals for sexy calendar

A group of Spanish police have caused controversy by posing in sexy photos as criminals.
The initiative of a group of police women in Ponent, Catalonia, lead to a protest against calendar where women appear in sensual positions acting like criminals.

Cloaked in lingerie, leather boots, masks, and other accessories, models, which are active police officers, appear in situations that simulate a car robbery, theft of jewellery and works of art.

The sensual calendar was quickly criticized by other security agents, whereas this is an attempt to ridicularize the whole police force.

The Ponent sector police in Catalonia, readily justified this action as an initiative originated by the women involved in the project.

A spokesman for the Ponent police told BBC “They did this pictures as individuals. No official uniform was used in any of the images or any distinctive because they know that this is forbidden by the regulation”.

The idea of the agents involved, according to the same spokesman, was to make a “unique gift” to colleagues, friends and family. But the result was a huge controversy, with the unions of the police to classify the calendar as “irresponsible”.

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