Japanese woman camps on the streets of Tokyo

30 year old Japanese Chiaki Kato has slept on the streets of Tokyo about three times a month for the last decade, regardless of the season or weather.

Taking steps to protect yourself from the cold in winter and summer mosquito in this woman of 30 years leaves the comfort of your home to sleep on the floor of the city.

Sometimes she’s alone in a convenience store parking lot or with friends in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo.

The reason? She says she feels “freer” and hopes that others’ may also discover how fun it is. ”

Kato is the editor of Nojoku Yaro (to sleep outdoors), which itself created in 2004 and is a compilation of stories of people who sleep under the stars.

The Japanese says that “looking for a place to sleep is part of the joy you get by camping out. That’s one of the biggest excitements”. She says that when he finally falls asleep, “surrounded by the noises of the city, of people talking at a distance and confusion of traffic, the feeling is good.”

Recognizes that ‘sleep on the street may be something that it is not recommended, but hopes that more people start doing it “because it allows us to develop the ability to’ enjoy simple things like sleeping in a house with closed doors.”

Admits that “Japan is fantastic for those who want to camp because it is very safe,” but confesses that when camping alone she looks for the busiest places such as behind a convenience store or a small park, because in large and wild places help can be difficult to find.