Donate your body fat to solve World Hunger

The innovative process developed by Dr Herod Richards of the London-based Klaxon Institute claims to be able to solve word hunger.

Using the so called liposuction surgical procedure to remove excess fat from the body and then using it with the stretch-and-blow technique or reverse liposuction to introduce it into the body of another who has a shortage of fats.

According to PSFK, “the institute takes the fat removed from its liposuction patients and flies it to the under-developed world, injecting it in poor people and helping them to build up a reserve of fat that they can live off for some time.”

As PSFK states, this is a fake research institute and this process does not really exist, but… What if it could be done?
fat guy eating giant hamburger - sends body fat to solve world hunger with reverse liposuction
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could eat as much as we possibly can and then suck our own fat and send it to starving children somewhere around the globe?