Christina Aguilera fails singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl

The final match of the Super Bowl was overshadowed by the gaffe committed by Christina Aguilera which, acting before the game, changed the national anthem lyrics.

The moment was solemn, millions of Americans followed the opening of the end of the Super Bowl and Christina Aguilera sang the anthem.

The night would be remembered in history for the Packers’ victory over Steelers, however this victory would be tarnished by cheating Aguilera that instead of verse “O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming,” sang “What So Proudly We watched at the twilight’s last reaming”.

The singer apologized for the mistake and asked for understanding for the Americans. She recognizes she has been lost for a moment and said she hoped that despite the mistake they felt that “the true spirit of Anthem prevailed.”