Judge’s father kills son in law with 5 shots in Portugal

Antonio Ferreira da Silva killed his ex son in law, the attorney Claudio Rio Mendes, while he had a granddaughter in his arms. Several witnesses watched horrified, including the judge Ana Carriço, Claudio’s ex-wife.

Initial claims that the man was only shot after making a suspicious movement has to get a gun from his pocket were dismissed after a close analysis of this video.

After the first shots the engineer tries to run away but ends up falling a few meters further.

The day before the tragedy, Claudio left a message on Facebook: “I love you daughter! Daddy was humiliated today, they harmed me, they harmed you. But you’ll won’t feel it and Dad will compensate you this humiliating withdrawal I promise you baby! Tomorrow at 11, we will have two hours just for us! Life is beautiful! ”
The next day, Claudio gets to the Mamarrosa park accompanied by his girlfriend her niece, who caught the cold blood murder scene on video. They guarantee that the girl played happily with his father until he went to the car to get food for the ducks. Then, the girl has spoken to his mother’s family and, since then, rejected the approach of the father. Everything spiralled out of control.

Shortly after the event, Antonio Ferreira da Silva surrendered to the local authorities and was later present to a judge.