Man who ran over dozens of cyclists was set free

The driver accused of intentionally run over dozens of cyclists in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on Friday, assured the police that “he acted in self-defense, to ensure the physical integrity of him and the his 15 years old son” A “fantasy version” according to the investigating officer.

The trampling occurred on Friday in Porto Alegre, where about 100 cyclists participated in an event organized by the group “Critical Mass”, which advocates the use of bicycles as a primary means of daily transportation.

The driver suspected of intentionally run over dozens of cyclists was heard Monday, for about four hours, in the Traffic Offence Police Department.

“He presented a version. A fanciful version, but that does not add much, ” said deputy Gilberto Almeida Montenegro, responsible for the investigations, to the Brazilian site G1 (in portuguese).

The suspect is a 47 years old banker who justified his actions against cyclists to “avoid being lynched. ” He ensures that he was in the car with his 15 year old son when cyclists began hitting the vehicle.

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