Snake bites Israeli model Orit Fox on a breast and dies

An Israeli model had to be assisted in hospital after being bitten by a snake in her breast during a photo shoot. The animal allegedly died poisoned by silicone from the model’s prosthesis.

Orit Fox, known in Israel for having the biggest breasts in the Middle East and by dozens of plastic surgeries she has done, was bitten by a snake after trying to kiss her while recording a radio program in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The sudden attack of the snake astonished the coaches who were supervising the stunt and even Fox had no time to react.
The model had to be transported to the emergency room of a hospital in Hadera, north of Jerusalem, where she was treated by a team specialised in snake attacks.

According to several sources the snake was intoxicated with silicone from the model’s prosthesis and died shortly after.

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