Man responsible for running over dozens of cyclists is detained at a psychiatric hospital

Ricardo Neis, the man who ran over dozens of cyclists in Porto Alegre, Brazil, is still detained and under evaluation at a psychiatric hospital.

After the run over, back in February the 25th, Ricardo Neis arrived in IPF (Forensic Psychiatric Institute), on the morning of Monday (7), to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

According to his lawyer, Jair Jonco after the tests, the doctors will define whether he is fit to be transferred to a regular jail, stays in IPF or moves back into Parque Belém Hospital.

A group of cyclists was hit on Feb. 25, in the lower Porto Alegre city. Ten cyclists were injured and taken to the hospital emergency room, most with bruises.

Neis was arrested on March 2nd at Hospital Parque Belém, where he had been hospitalized since the night before.