Indian farmer finds out he has female reproductive organs during surgery

An Indian farmer went to a hospital in Bhopal with complaints of stomach pains and during the operation to remove what was thought to be a hernia, a female reproductive system was discovered in his abdomen.

The farmers’ complaints, father of two children, led the medical diagnosis to identify a possible hernia in the stomach as the cause for the pain. But, according to the Daily Telegraph, during the operation doctors discovered the real cause of the pain: a female reproductive system.
Housed in a region of the abdomen were the cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes and an underdeveloped vaginal tissue. The female reproductive organs were removed from his body by a hysterectomy, surgical removal of the uterus.

The man had never experienced pain before the operation, and, according to one of the surgeons responsible for the intervention, Pramod Kumar Shrivastava, “had no problems with his sexuality and had functional male reproductive organs.”

The same doctor also noted that the ‘problem’ may have originated in an “embryonic malformation during the gestation period of pregnancy”.