Brazilian Priest cancels marriage for lack of underwear

A Brazilian priest refused to solemnize a marriage because the bride was not wearing underwear. The marriage was cancelled in front of the 230 guests, who heard astonished the pastor’s lecture on “respect for the sacred altar.”

The episode occurred in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil, and was triggered by huge back neckline of the dress the bride wore. This fact immediately angered Priest Mourinho Jonas, 68, who called attention to the bride when she came to the altar.

Suspicious, the priest sent the 25 year old bride to a back room, where he requested a female ‘minister’ of that space to see if the girl was wearing underwear.

The Priest’s suspicions were confirmed, as the young woman wore no bra … or panties. And the ‘minister’ went even further, adding in her report that the bride had completely shaved her pubic hair.

Then, the priest claimed that this is an encouragement to paedophilia: “The pubic air marks the transition between childhood and adulthood, so removing it encourages paedophiles to sexual practices.”

The cleric called off the wedding and informed the couple’s parents that “the bride did not respect the sacred altar.”

Outraged, the bride acused the Priest of being “a pervert, that instead of wanting to celebrate the marriage was having “depraved thoughts” with her.

After this episode, priest Jonas has left two notices posted on the course handout for brides: “bride without panties is Satan on the head” and “bald vagina is the devil in the doll.”

Would the following sexy bride be approved by Priest Jonas? She is obviously wearing underwear.