‘Dead’ baby cries while being prepared for funeral

A serious medical error may have cost the life of a newborn, mistakenly declared dead and sent to his funeral in the town of Araxá in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. When the undertakers were preparing the baby for the funeral and burial, he began to cry, scaring everyone around ‘to death’.

The baby was born in the early afternoon on a Tuesday at the Hospital Santa Casa da Misericordia de Araxá, but soon after, doctors informed his parents that the boy, who was premature, had not resisted and died. As usual in such cases, doctors have filed the death certificate and the baby was taken to a mortuary in the city.

Hours later, after the tears showed that he was alive, the baby was again taken to the Santa Casa Hospital, to the astonishment of all who had seen him out there supposedly lifeless. Doctors confirmed, obviously, that the baby was actually alive, but found that it had serious respiratory problems.

As that hospital did not have Intensive Care Unit for children nor the means to properly address a case like that, the boy was sent to another hospital in another city, the Hospital of the University of Triangulo Mineiro, in Uberaba, where he eventualy died the next day. The police will now assess whether the baby died due to potential complications of premature birth and poor health, or if his death was a result of the many hours he was not taken care of because he was considered dead.