o position mouth

Brazilian girl dies after a continuous orgasm of 12 minutes with a friend

A strange / rare case resulted in death of student Bianca Borges Bezerra, 21, from Belém (Brazil), which went into trance, having a prolonged orgasm for 12 minutes, and ended up dead. The young woman was having a relationship with a girl friend from college. The hospital that received Bianca confirmed that the continuous orgasm of 12 minutes was the cause of death.
o position mouth
“She strongly held the mattress with her nails, opened her mouth in the form of ‘O’, and her eye pupils were spinning around in circles as if they were loose inside her eyes,” said the friend who was present during the tragedy.

Her friend also said that, she became suspicious when, at 10 minutes, Bianca continued in the same position, eyes rolling, mouth open and screaming loudly. “At twelve minutes she went out, and I ran after an ambulance”, said the friend.

At the request of the family, the police is investigating this case. And officer stated to G17 journal ( http://www.g17.com.br ) that the friend of the victim may account for murder without intent to kill, if it gets proved she was responsible for the death of her friend.

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