Girl kills elderly rapist and steels him a lamp

The Rapist elderly called the neighbor,only 18 years to his house in the city of Maia, Portugal, saying he wanted to show her something.She says she entered unaware that Manuel Figueiredo da Silva, 88, wanted to sexualy abuse her.The teen panicked killing the elderly with multiple stab wounds in the back and chest, because he wanted to rape her. The girl was arrested by the Police and heard in court.

In the beginning of the investigation, authorities found two cases: assault or pay back however, all clues pointed in favor towards the young student who lived near the victim.

This was not the first time the girl entered the house of Manuel, who is described by neighbors as being very rich. However, that afternoon, the man known to take drugs to increase sexual stimulation and engage with young women, in exchange for money. He called the girl, claiming that she had something inside his house that he wanted to show her. He took her to the bedroom and there, still in pajamas, tried to rape her.The young girl says she was scared and attacked him with a lamp, leaving him unconscious.Then picked up a kitchen knife and stabed him several times in the back and chest , killing him. The girl fled.

Acording to “Correio da Manha” ( ) hours later, the son in law of Manuel found him lying dead in bed. The knife was beside the body, but the lamp was gone.