Teacher gave students a pen drive with a pornographic movie as working material

An Argentine teacher gave his students a pen drive with some material to help them in their work for biology class. However, when the students opened the file, they found a video with explicit sex scenes in which the teacher was the protagonist.

As expected, the case triggered a scandal among the parents of Manuel Dorrego Middle School, located in the town of Junin. But the biggest stir was created among the students, who rushed to share the material in the Internet.

The Biology teacher, whose identity was kept secret, had recorded the sex scene with her partner in a folder stored in the pen drive baned “Holidays”.

The school director, Gladys Prieto, acknowledged to reporters that she had lived an unfortunate episode with the teacher, but refused to give details about it.

According to the news, several parents complained about the carelessness of the teacher and said “is was not the first time an event like that occurs, as the teacher had been found caressing her partner within the school and not had been sanctioned.”