British bites a live frog in a chicken sandwich

When he asked for a chicken sandwich in a famous restaurant located in central London, Ross Dance was far away from knowing that this was the strangest meal of his life. While tasting the sandwich he realized that there was an unexpected ‘bonus’ inside, nothing less than a live frog with about ten centimetres.

Ross, 32 years old, was in shock after discovering that not only he had a live frog inside his ‘wrap’, but he had chewed and swallowed one of his legs.

Although upset and disgusted, the unhappy customer insisted on taking home the body of the animal for some pictures.

According to The Sun, which advances this strange news, the restaurant chain Nando’s has already announced it is investigating the case and advancs an explanation: perhaps the frog was among the leaves of pre-washed lettuce and jumped into the sandwich.

Either way, it is very unlikely that Ross Dance will put your feet back on Nando’s