Naked girls detained while protesting against Indian government

Four women from the Ukrainian activist group Femen, known for its scantily clad protests, were arrested in the Indian Embassy in Kiev during a manifestation.

The women were protesting against a decision by the Indian Government, which announced a ban on entry into the country of Ukrainian females aged 15 to 40 years, in order to avoid an increase in prostitution in India.

The activist group Femen has already responded: “Ukrainian women are not prostitutes, and we have always said this and fought this image. It’s a shame that India treats women this way and a shame that our Ukrainian president has not reacted to the insult.”

Not satisfied, women protested at the premises of the embassy in India in Kiev. On a balcony, the girls raised placards with slogans: “Ukraine is not a brothel” or “We’re not prostitutes” were some of the phrases they shouted repeatedly.

Local authorities were called and detained the Ukrainian women. According to the Ukrainian radio Svoboda, the Indian Government’s argument is that women from Ukraine become prostitutes in India.