Taiwanese girl Claire Lin commits suicide live on Facebook

A girl committed suicide in Taiwan through the inhalation of toxic gases while talking with her friends on Facebook about what was happening to her. In 67 minutes of publications and images of agony in the social network friends none of the nine friends with whom she spoke alerted police.

Claire Lin celebrated her 31st anniversary last March 18 when she began filling up her Facebook wall with descriptions about her gradual asphyxiation. The room full of smoke was visible on an image published from her cell phone.

A friend, identified as Chung Hsin, wrote on the social network: “Keep calm, open the window and put out the fire of coal, please, I beg you.” Some other friends have also tried to deter Claire via the internet, but none called the police.

Her last words in Chinese, were in a tone of irony: “It is too late. My room is full of gas. I just uploaded another shot. Even while dying I still want Facebook. It must be Facebook poison. Haha.”

At the origin of the sad episode should be a depression due to the behaviour of her boyfriend, who had not returned home to celebrate¬† Claire Lin’s anniversary.