Teach fired for teaching too much

Teacher is fired for teaching too much

In just one year, a young Spanish teacher has taught to much to her young students. School directors think it is too much and fired her. The parents intervened to make them hold the decision until the end of this year.
Teach fired for teaching too much
In education, teacher’s quality is often put into question. Normally, because they are bad teachers or because they can’t control the students. However, in Andorra, it seems to be just the opposite.

The teacher’s identity is not known. We only know that the teacher of the first cycle was ‘fired’ by the school … responsible for teaching well and too much their students.

Yeah, well read. According to the directors, with only five or six years, there are students who know how to read and do complex math operations. Currently, they are already learning to write, which is too much at this age, they say.

So the Spanish teacher was fired with immediate effect because the leaders wanted a more ‘relaxed’ education, so to speak.

However, after having knowledge of the will of the directors, the parents decided to intervene and could even prevent the teacher from being fired. Apparently, at home, children did not complain at all.

The school board recently decided to keep the teacher until the end of this school year, but the final decision is taken. The teacher will not remain in the school after this year.