800 000 dollars to find a virgin bride

A chinese millionaire is looking for a bride. Among the requirements is that she has to be “pure”, ie a virgin. Of the 2800 candidates, 320 passed to the final.

The man, who has not reached its 50s, decided to remarry. For this purpose he hired a singles club to find him the perfect bride. They are conducting a tour around ten cities in China to find the candidates and 320 are elected to the final.
The demands of the wealthy are that the woman must be between 20 and 26 years of age, between 1.62m and 1.70m, weigh 50Kg, should have attended more than the primary school, must be of good families, have a good presentation and a pure body (virgin). This last requirement is even considered indispensable.

The applicant presents himself as divorced, age 50, a multimillionaire, said to be a known Chinese entrepreneur, enjoys golf and has a strong and healthy body.
The chosen one will receive approximately 630,000 euros (cash or gifts of equal value) will begin a relationship with the millionaire and will be entitled to an apartment worth nearly 400,000 euros.