Penis ripped and stored in box is displayed as evidence at trial

The trial of a man accused of serial rapes in the city of Novosibirsk (Russia) had a bizarre detail: a penis wrapped in a box was displayed as evidence.

The member belongs (or belonged) to Dmitry Zubarev, 29 years old. It was snatched by Serafina Svetlana, 25, who works in a sauna in the city.

According to the lawsuit, Dmitry was pretending to be a sauna customer. There he attacked Svetlana with kicks and punches and forced her to do him oral sex. The woman did not think twice: she ripped the rapist’s penis with a powerful bite.

“He tore my clothes, dropped his pants and put his penis in my mouth. So I bit him as hard as I could and didn’t let him go”, said the Russian woman.

Svetlana told that in desperation to break free, Dmitry eventually retreated, which made ​​her teeth rip the offending member.

Dmitry went to a local hospital and shortly thereafter was arrested. The doctors said it would be impossible to restore the penis, which was put in a box and taken to a police station, according to the “Austrian Times.”