Brazilian man has 50 children from four women, including his mother in law

“The best thing that God put in the world was woman,” said Luiz Costa Oliveira, a 90 years old, retired farmer, residing in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in northeastern Brazil. Maybe because he has 50 children from 4 different women, including his sister in law and mother in law!

Luiz Costa de Oliveira lives with his wife, her sister and her mother in Campo Grande, and the three had no less than 33 children. Another 17 came from his first marriage. Besides the fifty official children, there are three others, of which he is unsure of paternity. But neither denies.

The youngest is 13, the oldest 54. The list of members of the Oliveira family is extensive. The first wife, Maria Francisco, is the mother of 17 children. The second marriage with the sister of his wife, Ozelita resulted in 15 more. He even took an oportunity to make a son with Maria Francisca’s mother. “Some time ago three more appeared saying they were my children, but I’m not sure, but I will not deny,” said Oliveira.

Despite the large amount of children, only 38 are alive, and most live in Campo Grande. He also has 100 grandchildren and 60 great-grandchildren.