Tourist helped in searches for a missing person that ultimately was herself

A tourist in Iceland offered to help find a missing woman, but did not realize everybody was looking for herself!

The woman had traveled by bus to Eldgjá, a volcanic canyon situated in the south of Iceland and when the tour ended all the tourists returned to the bus, but her. At least that’s what the driver of the bus thought, because in reality she was on the bus, but with a different outfit from the one she was carrying when getting out of the vehicle.

Everything happened in the last week of August, when Eldgjá’s police received a communication from a bus driver stating that an Asian woman was lost. The search began immediately and continued for two days, without success.

On the third day the tourist who had volunteered to help on the searches noticed that the description of the missing woman (160cm tall, Asian origin with dark clothes) matched herself, except for the clothes.

It was a surprise, because after two days of searches the “missing person” was not only there, as she always had been, but also had helped in the search for herself. And all of this originated in a change of clothes.