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Women can keep secrets… for 32 minutes at most!

Your tong “hitches” every time you hear a secret? You’re, not alone, most women can not keep a secret for more than … 32 minutes!

That’s the conclusion of a research made by Skin Care, a company of skincare products, which interviewed 3,000 British women. About 10% of them confessed to being unable to keep a secret. And 85% admitted that they like to hear “gossip”. Half of them said they feel the need to share the news with someone – and it happens no more than 32 minutes after receiving the confession / colleague’s outburst.

The preferred “gossip” is always related to extramarital affairs, plastic surgery and relationship problems. Well, at least they generally share the secrets with someone of tryst like the husban, mother or best friend.

A man lost his penis when trying to make it bigger

A 50 years old Thai, advised by his friends, injected olive oil into the penis, with the goal of making it bigger. All this ended in an infection that doctors were only able to respond amputating his member.

This practice is very common in the Asian country, which is why the Ministry of Health had to warn society, acknowledging the latter case.

Although the result was not “guaranteed”, the man was influenced by friends, who assured him that with this system he would get a bigger penis. The practice, which can also involve the use of silicone, paraffin wax or even beeswax is common in Thailand. A hospital in Baguecoque states that 40 patients have received treatment in one month because of side effects caused by practicing this method.

In this case the man of 50 years developed a severe infection after injecting olive oil into the penis for several years. The infection became cancerous and there was nothing else to do than to “nip it in the bud”, ie, amputate his sexual organ.

Car hits a house at second floor level in São Paulo Brazil

A driver lost the control of its car and broke into the second floor of a house in the East Zone of São Paulo, Brazil. At the time of the accident, there were eight people in the house, but no resident was injured. Watch the video.

Eyewitnesses of the accident, which occurred last Sunday, said the vehicle went down the road, crossed a bridge and only stopped when it hit the wall on the second floor of a house. In the room where the car hit there was 6 month old child sleeping.

Speaking to Globo, Alessiane Jesus de Almeida said she was sleeping with her son and was frightened by the noise of the shock.

Alessiane’s sister, the owner of the house, was with her son on the other side and says that the child was not hit by little. “He had just gone to the bathroom, where the car entered. He left the bathroom and when I arrived, I lay in bed and heard the noise,” said Luciene.

Firefighters had to climb to the roof of the house and use a rope to save the driver of the car, which suffered no serious injuries but was taken to hospital for observation.