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Georgian Politicians Fight On Live TV

In Georgia, a political TV debate on the crisis in the country descended first into a water fight and then fisticuffs.
The scandal started when pro-presidential MP Giorgy Kandelaki interrupted opposition leader Koki Guntsadze.
Guntsadze responded by throwing water at Kandelaki and, when the government representative tried to retaliate, the opposition leader slapped him.
The host had to interrupt the show and when it resumed, only the MP was left in the studio.

Guy caught on camera stealing an iPhone on the subway

This video captured on an hungarian metro / subway shows a thieve with a perfect timing stealing an iPhone.
The guy just waits until the last second to take the smartphone from the hands of the unsuspecting girl and jumps out of the train just a second before the doors close, making it impossible for the girl to go after him.

However, thanks to the video captured by another passenger, the guy was brought to justice only one day after the theft.

Striptease at funerals? Yes, in Taiwan.

Many light a candle and make a prayer. In Taiwan, people go far beyond to┬áhomage┬áthe dead. Striptease dancers are often hired to “dance” in honor of the deceased.

With their minimal and sexy clothes, they present themselves in front of adults, seniors and children. Everything in a “respectful” environment.

According to an AFP report, the presence of erotic dancers in religious festivals have become increasingly common in the eastern country. Women display their bodies, among other things, to calm the wandering souls.

In 2011, the anthropologist Marc L. Moskowitz made a documentary about the practice, under the title “Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan.”