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Dozens of crocodiles on the loose

The owners of a crocodile park near a resort in Thailand reported that several dozen crocodiles have fled the park after the floods have hit the area. The park has more than two thousand specimens of these animals.

The park is located in Pattaya, a coastal town near a tourist resort. The Daily Telegraph quoted a spokesman for the park, who said that they had captured 28 crocodiles that were on the loose.

However, the same spokesman did not say how many crocodiles are still on the loose in the region. The park’s crocodiles vary between two and four meters long.

The floods that inundated the area on weekend caused the escape of animals in the park, and people fear for their safety while the real number of animals that are on the loose is still unknown.

The most expensive dog breed in the world comes from China

A Red Tibetan Mastiff specimen has achieved the status of world’s most expensive dog, having been purchased in China for about one million euros.

According to the Huffington Post, an 11 months old dog , considered a “perfect example”, was bought by a Chinese millionaire with a fortune made in the area of the coal market.

According to a breeder, the new dog owner can easily recover the amount invested.

The owner may charge rent costs to other dog breeders of race, who want to use it for reproductive purposes.

With the name ‘Great Speckle’, the dog is a specimen of one of the most iconic breeds of Chinese culture.

The Red Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest and most remarkable animals of the Chinese culture and was mostly admired for his abilities as a guard dog.

Specimens of this breed are endowed with a ferocious temper, aggressive and typically difficult to train.

World public opinion has raised criticism of the morality of this acquisition, at a time when worldwide the number of dogs abandoned dogs increases in kennels or in the street, not to speak of starving populations which could be fed for months or even years with this amount of money.

Genetic researchers, here is your chance to get rich, we’re guessing a ‘Green Tibetan Mastiff’ would be worth even more.