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Belgian Minister gets iPhone stolen live on TV

The phone of the Belgian Interior Minister, Joelle Milquet, was stolen live on Flemish television channel VRT, advances the Le Soir.

The incident took place on December 4 in a cafe full of people in the heart of the Belgian capital.

In the video, released by the channel, one can see a team of TRV filming the minister, who was accompanied by her daughter and his spokesman, when receiving a call from her husband. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed, after disconnecting the call, the minister puts the iPhone at the table and briefly leaves the site.

In that short time, a man approaches the journalists and those accompanying the minister with a newspaper, apparently trying to sell. Sitting at the table, the journalist replied politely, saying they shooting live so he could give him attention at that moment, without realizing that he was indeed a thief.

In no time, the individual puts the newspaper on the table, and since no one expressed an interest in his presence, peacefully leaves the place. But rather than just carry the paper, he also took the minister’s iPhone.

The minister and the journalists that attended only realized the iPhone was missing when Joelle Milquet began storing her belongings, and could not find the phone. She even complained that she never knows where she puts things. A few seconds where enough for the minister and the news team to realize who was responsible for the theft.

The ‘man of the newspaper’ was identified thanks to the images captured by the team at VRT.