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Robbery ends in orgy in Brazil

The assault at a residence in Carambei, in the Brazilian state of Paraná, ended up in a strange way. The thief was confronted with an orgy, into which he ended up participating. However he was arrested anyway for breaking into the house.


The thief, named José Pedro Alves, 39 years old, entered a residence in Carambei, in the Brazilian state of Paraná, with the intention of robbing.

However he was surprised with an invitation to participate in an orgy.

When he entered the main room, the thief found two couples having sex. Thinking that the “black mask was part of a sexual fantasy”, the participants invited him to join in.

José Pedro Alves quickly forgot what he wanted to do there and participated in the orgy for about half an hour, reported one of those involved.

However, the affinity with the alleged ‘victims’ of burglary, did not prevent him from being arrested.

Brazilian man has 50 children from four women, including his mother in law

“The best thing that God put in the world was woman,” said Luiz Costa Oliveira, a 90 years old, retired farmer, residing in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in northeastern Brazil. Maybe because he has 50 children from 4 different women, including his sister in law and mother in law!

Luiz Costa de Oliveira lives with his wife, her sister and her mother in Campo Grande, and the three had no less than 33 children. Another 17 came from his first marriage. Besides the fifty official children, there are three others, of which he is unsure of paternity. But neither denies.

The youngest is 13, the oldest 54. The list of members of the Oliveira family is extensive. The first wife, Maria Francisco, is the mother of 17 children. The second marriage with the sister of his wife, Ozelita resulted in 15 more. He even took an oportunity to make a son with Maria Francisca’s mother. “Some time ago three more appeared saying they were my children, but I’m not sure, but I will not deny,” said Oliveira.

Despite the large amount of children, only 38 are alive, and most live in Campo Grande. He also has 100 grandchildren and 60 great-grandchildren.

Car hits a house at second floor level in São Paulo Brazil

A driver lost the control of its car and broke into the second floor of a house in the East Zone of São Paulo, Brazil. At the time of the accident, there were eight people in the house, but no resident was injured. Watch the video.

Eyewitnesses of the accident, which occurred last Sunday, said the vehicle went down the road, crossed a bridge and only stopped when it hit the wall on the second floor of a house. In the room where the car hit there was 6 month old child sleeping.

Speaking to Globo, Alessiane Jesus de Almeida said she was sleeping with her son and was frightened by the noise of the shock.

Alessiane’s sister, the owner of the house, was with her son on the other side and says that the child was not hit by little. “He had just gone to the bathroom, where the car entered. He left the bathroom and when I arrived, I lay in bed and heard the noise,” said Luciene.

Firefighters had to climb to the roof of the house and use a rope to save the driver of the car, which suffered no serious injuries but was taken to hospital for observation.

Child burned to death by loggers in Amazonian forests

This hideous event, allegedly caught on video, was the most recent violence scene in the Rainforest where indigenous still try to go on with their peaceful lives.

For decades, the lush Amazon rainforest in Brazil has served as the backdrop to escalating tensions between an indigenous population which calls the region home, and illegal loggers dead-set on exploiting its natural wealth — though the worst of the resulting atrocities may be at hand. According to a representative from the Guajajara community in northeastern Brazil, a group of illegal loggers recently captured a young indian girl from a neighboring uncontacted tribe and burned her to death.

A local indigenous leader in the Brazilian state of Maranhão recently spoke with Terra regarding the incident which has yet to be confirmed by authorities, though video of the young girl’s murder is said to exist. The representative said that the loggers who frequent his tribe’s reservation area to arrange the illegal clearing of timber are often abusive, but that recently the outsiders inexplicably murdered a child they found belonging to another indigenous community.

“The loggers were buying wood in the hands of the [Guajajara] Indians and found a little girl [from the tribe Gwajá]. And they burned the child. It was just pure evilness. She is from another tribe, they live in the woods, and have no contact with white people,” said the Guajajara leader.

He went on to add that indians are frequently beaten by loggers encroaching upon their reservations and that so far local police and government officials have turned a blind eye to the abuses.

Authorities from Brazil’s indian affairs bureau, FUNAI, say that they’ve been made aware of the murder and are seeking more information, yet the incident is hardly an isolated case. The same agency acknowledges that from 2003 to 2010, 452 indigenous people were murdered in Brazil, though the actual number could be much higher given the intimidation often faced by isolated indian communities from outside threats.

This text was originally published on TreeHugger