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Man catches wife having sex in the church… with the priest!

Father José Antonio Solano Boitrón was caught in his bed in the Miraculous Medal Church in Trujillo (Peru). So far nothing unusual, despite the fact that he was in the company of Teolinda Amaya Altamirano, a maid, who worked in the parish. Well, not only in the company but having sex with her!

Sexual intercourse was recorded and displayed on Peruvian television. The images were made by the husband of Teolinda, who is 4 months pregnant. The child belongs to the priest.

Caught in, the priest defended himself before the cuckolded husband: “They made me a trap.” He added: “I acknowledge that I messed up, stay calm.”

Teolinda said that José Antonio, the priest, forced her to have sex with him. The priest continues to celebrate Mass in the church, according to local media. Teolinda was fired.

That’s the right thing to do, no one wants a promiscuous maid working in the church, right?

Guy caught on camera stealing an iPhone on the subway

This video captured on an hungarian metro / subway shows a thieve with a perfect timing stealing an iPhone.
The guy just waits until the last second to take the smartphone from the hands of the unsuspecting girl and jumps out of the train just a second before the doors close, making it impossible for the girl to go after him.

However, thanks to the video captured by another passenger, the guy was brought to justice only one day after the theft.

Wash your car and get free sex

In Malaysia service stations that put sculptural women to lather cars are a fad. But in Sunway Mentari (in Malaysia too) police discovered an automatic car wash working literally side by side with a brothel. They were offering customers free sex after nine car washes.

sexy car wash in Malasya

After three months of investigation, the police ended up with this ‘creative strategy’ to attract customers. Nine Vietnamese women, aged between 18 and 28 years, were arrested on charges of prostitution. Authorities only discovered this trick when searching five men who were caught having sex with prostitutes. They all had loyalty cards belonging to this car wash station, according to ‘The Malay Mail’.

In fact, this car wash station not only offered free sex to the most loyal customers. Clients looking for prostitutes didn’t even have to wash their cars as they could get straight into business with $30 to $45.

Usain Bolt beats all superheroes on track

Specially developed cameras caught Usain Bolt crossing the finish line in the first position during an inedit race.

Usain Bolt’s manager arranged a unique speed race, uniting together Bip BIp, Sonic the Hedgehog, Superman, Speedy Gonzales, Flash (DC Comics) and Dash (The Incredibles)
The Jamaican phenomenon has beaten all of the superheroes with ease, elevating himself to the status of super heroe.