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American woman risks jail for hiring strippers for son’s party

An American woman was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of minors for having hired two ‘strippers’ to the birthday party of her 16 years old son.
Judith Viger, 33, was arrested Monday in Gansevoort, a small town in central New York state, according to the news agency EFE.

The party took place last November 3rd in a bowling lane and the complaint came after the parents of one of the minors attending the party have seen photos of the event on the Facebook account of his son.

The boy’s mother was accused of the crime of endangering the welfare of minors, for organizing the party and hire three exotic dancers who performed “private dances” for five young boys, under 17 years old (the youngest was 13 years), pointed out, this Wednesday, the Daily News.

The party was attended by about 80 people, and during the event there was no complaint.

A photo released by a parent shows one of the dancers, dressed in “sexy” lingerie in an erotic position on top of one of the assistants.

If convicted, Judith Viger can be sentenced to a year in prison.

Young female arrested in Barcelona with cocaine in breast implants

Spanish police arrested in El Prat airport in Barcelona, a woman from Colombia carrying 1.3 kilograms of cocaine inside breast implants.

cocaine inside breast implant
cocaine inside breast implant

The woman, who arrived at Barcelona airport on a flight from Bogota, Colombia, raised suspicions among agents responsible for monitoring designated “suspicious flights” because of ambiguous answers about the reasons for the trip, said the police, on Wednesday.

Police searched the woman and found bloodstained gauze covering open wounds on the underside of her breasts.

The passenger, a 20 years Panamanian female, claimed that she had undergone surgery two months ago to get breast implants and that the wounds had not healed completely.

Through wounds, police managed to detect “a strange white substance” and, after an X-Ray, the woman was sent to an hospital to be observed.

At the hospital, the doctors removed a bag from each breast, filled with cocaine, weighing 1.3Kg in total (aprox. 3pounds).

It was also proven that the narcotic had already entered the bloodstream of the carrier.

The woman was arrested and, in addition to trafficking charges, she faces a charge of crime against public health.

Mom shook baby to death to concentrate on playing Farmville

22 years Alexandra Tobias from Jacksonville declared herself guilty of killing her 3 month old baby because she wanted to concentrate on playing Farmville.

Last January while playing the famous Farmville game, Alexandra Tobias violently shook her baby in an attempt to shut him up, which lead to the death of her 3-month-old Dylan Lee Edmondson.

She declared herself guilty of second degree murder which can get her a life sentence. In the best case scenario she will be in jail for 25 to 50 years.
During interrogation she confessed she has shook the newborn to shut him up, then smoked a cigarette and came back to shake him once again.

Farmville is one of the most popular Facebook applications, with nealy 60 million users, making Zynga, the company behind the game, one of the most successful in the sector.

Police reveals details on ‘vampire stabbing’

The latest details on a stabbing that took place in Chandler Arizona on October 4 have been released by the Police. Police has been told by the suspects that they practice vampirism and paganism and they were trying to suck the victim’s blood.

Police said the victim, Robert Maley, 25, was stabbed after refusing to let his roommates suck his blood.
Maley was reportedly staying with two friends, Aaron Homer, 24, and Amanda Williamson, 21, at an apartment complex in Chandler. Maley told police that he had allowed the couple to suck his blood on previous occasions, but he wasn’t interested this time, which led to the stabbing.

The 'vampire stabbing' suspects Aaron Homer and Amanda Williamson

“These people … practice paganism and vampirism and follow the vampire cult,” said Sgt. Joe Favazzo of the Chandler Police Department.
Homer reportedly told officers that he became enraged and stabbed Maley because he felt Maley was making fun of his religion.
Firefighters happened to be at the same apartment complex on an unrelated call when they saw a blood-covered Maley run out of another apartment. The firefighters alerted police.
Chandler police officers who initially responded said there was a lot of blood at the scene and a trail of blood leaving the apartment. Homer and Williamson initially made conflicting statements to police. Williamson first said she had been attacked and stabbed her attacker in self-defense. Both suspects later confessed and confirmed Maley’s claims.
Homer has been charged with aggravated assault and Williamson is charged with false reporting to police. Maley was also arrested on an unrelated outstanding warrant.
The recent rise in popularity of vampires in pop culture has some officials worried that this sort of behavior could become trendy.
“We have young people that are very impressionable that are following this pop culture, they’re following this vampire culture, they’re going to get infections, it’s dangerous,” Favazzo said.
Meanwhile, television shows like HBO’s True Blood and the Stephenie Meyer novels and film series Twilight are more popular than ever