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Striptease at funerals? Yes, in Taiwan.

Many light a candle and make a prayer. In Taiwan, people go far beyond to┬áhomage┬áthe dead. Striptease dancers are often hired to “dance” in honor of the deceased.

With their minimal and sexy clothes, they present themselves in front of adults, seniors and children. Everything in a “respectful” environment.

According to an AFP report, the presence of erotic dancers in religious festivals have become increasingly common in the eastern country. Women display their bodies, among other things, to calm the wandering souls.

In 2011, the anthropologist Marc L. Moskowitz made a documentary about the practice, under the title “Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan.”

Strip meets tecno, or, the girl who should not take drugs

This girl was caught dancing in the street, so drunk and/or drugged excited that she stripped in front of everybody walking down the street.

The girl starts flashing her tits repeatedly, almost removing all her clothes in a frantic way. Then she bends over and shows her ass covered by her black pantihose while continuing to dance.
An anonymous witness recorded this insolit video, allowing the world to see this strange dancing style.
What should we call this energetic compilation of dance styles? Stripnotronic?