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Swedish woman finds a carrot wearing her ring lost 16 years ago

A Swedish farmer found the wedding ring around a carrot in her backyard. According to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the ring was lost since Christmas 1995.

That day, Lena Paahlsson took the ring to cook the Christmas dinner, she put it on the counter and, after the meal, the jewelry was gone.

According to The Telegraph, Lena and her daughters looked everywhere for the ring, that the bride had designed herself, but for 16 years they had no success.

To their big surprise, over a decade later, a carrot growing in the backyard brought to the surface the mythical lost ring.

While this episode might seem inexplicable, the farmer from Mora, northern Sweden, believes that the ring may have been ingested by a sheep which usually feed on the leftovers of family meals.

The animal manure is then used as fertilizer for the garden, so it may have been the cause of the disappearance and subsequent reappearance of this piece of jewelry.

Elderly woman found dead inside her house 9 years after death

The neighbors of the elderly, who died 9 years ago and whose body was only found last Tuesday in her house, ensure they never felt bad smells to denounce the death of the octogenarian, who resided in Sintra, Portugal..

In Amoreiras everybody was talking about the death of their neighbour who was reported missing nine years ago and that only on Tuesday was found by the police, called to the scene at the request of a new owner who purchased the property at auction carried out by finance service.

Aida Martinez, 82, said she had already reported the disappearance of the elderly neighbour twice, back in 2002.

“She rarely got to the street and I began to wonder why her mailbox was full. The national guard came here and never wanted to break the door,” said the resident of the first floor of the building.

Aida Martins said to have been near the door of the elderly for several times over the years to try to detect “bad smells” to denounce the death of her neighbour.

“Bad smell was never felt because the balcony of the kitchen was open. And we never heard noises from the dog found dead next to her,” she said.

Another neighbour, Lurdes Marques, confirmed that has never detected odours in the building, but has also noticed the absence of the neighbour who rarely left home.

Luis Pimentel, the commander of the fire department called to the site, said that the elderly woman was found in the kitchen, next to a skeleton of a dog: “The body was lying face down. There was no smell and no one ever said anything.”

A police source said authority was called to open the door of the apartment where the elderly would be found.

“We went there as part of a process of finances. This allowed us to break the door and we came across a decomposing body, almost skeleton,” he said.

This source said that “an initial analysis showed that the body had been for several years” in the apartment’s kitchen.

One of the relatives of the elderly that died in 2002, assured today that he has repeatedly requested the prosecutor for an authorization to break the door and get into the apartment.

“In 2002 I reported to the police and the court of Sintra the disappearance of my aunt. Over the years I often contacted the prosecutor and they told me that if she was dead the smell was noted and so they did not break down the door”, said Armando Martinho Gaspar, nephew of the elder.

The nephew, already in his 70s, who never attempted to force entry into the house by himself, says that even “last week” he went to court to try “one more time” to get more information on the disappearance of his relative, but had the same answer: “It does not smell bad, so…”

Grandpa picks the wrong kid at school and takes him home

There are clueless people and this grandfather is certainly one of them. An adult from the city of San Sebastian in Spain should withdraw his year and a half grandson from school, but failed to meet the goal after an “unusual” incident.

grandpa & grandson

As reported by the “Ertzaintza” (police force of the Basque Country), on 0:30 midday Tuesday a man went to pick up his grandson at a “ikastola” (primary school) of San Sebastian, Spain. The grandfather confused the school, which was very close to another one, and took home a child who was not his grandson.

When the baby’s mother went to pick up your child, she saw that he had been picked by another person and therefore has filled a complaint by the disappearance of his son with the police.

Meanwhile, in another school it was advised that a child had not been collected, as planned. The police linked both incidents and has clarified the confusion, so that by 2:30pm each respective child was with his family.

One could argue that this is was a parental failure, letting a grandpa which doesn’t even recognize his grandson pick him up at school, but what about school security? Letting anyone pick a child at school is certainly a big security flaw…