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Renault Laguna locked his driver at 200Km/h for more than one hour

A French motorist Point-of-Metz, Amiens, spent more than an hour in a car with the engine jammed at 200km/h.
The end of the journey took place more than 125 miles from his destination, in Belgium, when the car ran out of fuel and crashed into a dam.

Frank Lecerf, a French 36 years old driver from the town of Point-de-Metz, Amiens, won’t forget the scare he took last Sunday when the car he was driving got jammed at a speed of 200km/h during a normal trip to the supermarket.

Unable to stop his car, a Renault Laguna – adapted for drivers with physical disabilities – Lecerf had no choice but to continue driving on the highway he was on, while he tried to come up with a solution for the problem.

The end of the journey eventually happened already in Belgium, more than 125 miles beyond its original destination, when Lecerf’s car eventually ran out of gas abd hit a dam in Alveringem.

When approached by the authorities to tell about what happened, Lecerf said that in a first moment, the speed of his car got stuck at 95km/h, and that when he tried to slow down the speed continued to increase until it stabilized at 200km/h, giving no other choice to the French driver but to continue driving until the situation was resolved.

The French police was involved in the situation because Lecerf was able to make a call from inside the car, asking for help.

Once contacted, the French police sent a dozen cars to escort Lecerf, with the aim of establishing a security perimeter around the vehicle alerting other drivers of the dangerous situation.

In addition to this safety measure he immediately established contact with the brand technicians, who quickly admitted that the only solution to the problem was to wait for the gas to run out.

After all this, Frank Lecerf already admitted he will sue the Renault brand, due to the risky situation he was exposed to.

Car hits a house at second floor level in São Paulo Brazil

A driver lost the control of its car and broke into the second floor of a house in the East Zone of São Paulo, Brazil. At the time of the accident, there were eight people in the house, but no resident was injured. Watch the video.

Eyewitnesses of the accident, which occurred last Sunday, said the vehicle went down the road, crossed a bridge and only stopped when it hit the wall on the second floor of a house. In the room where the car hit there was 6 month old child sleeping.

Speaking to Globo, Alessiane Jesus de Almeida said she was sleeping with her son and was frightened by the noise of the shock.

Alessiane’s sister, the owner of the house, was with her son on the other side and says that the child was not hit by little. “He had just gone to the bathroom, where the car entered. He left the bathroom and when I arrived, I lay in bed and heard the noise,” said Luciene.

Firefighters had to climb to the roof of the house and use a rope to save the driver of the car, which suffered no serious injuries but was taken to hospital for observation.

Students throw eggs at IMF representative in Turkey.

Turkey’s reputation was tarnished when receiving an IMF representative with eggs and insults in a speech at a university in the country.

Mark Lewis is the economic representative of the IMF for Turkey, and went to Uludag University to give a lecture to some students of economics course.

But suddenly the speaker representing the monetary authority was interrupted by an unexpected event.

As he spoke, Lewis was forced to deviate from an egg thrown by a student, which was followed by even a second one. After the eggs came the slogan which was heard: “IMF out!».

Mark Lewis reflexes prevented him from being hit by the egg attack, but will not be enough to turn over an episode that is not unprecedented in the country. As the Daily Telegraph noted in 2009, a Turkish citizen had thrown a shoe to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then Chairman of the IMF, during his visit to the country.

See the video of the moment the IMF representative had to dodge the eggs thrown by the students.

Antelope knocks out mountain bike cyclist in Africa

Mountain Biker, Evan van der Spuy of Team Jeep South Africa sure did close contact with nature when taking part in the “Time Freight Express” MTB race at Albert Falls Dam.

He was hit by a raging antelope who immediately knocked him down of his bicycle.
The entire scene was captured on video by his team mate riding right behind him with a popular helmet camera.