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Islamic Defenders Front refuses 25k donation from sex symbol Pamela Anderson

Indonesian group Islamic Defenders Front refused Pamela Anderson’s donation to aid tsunami victims, allegedly because the money had an immoral source.

Pamela Anderson

A group spokes person, Habib Umar, declared to Metro TV that accepting the offer obtained with the actress’s naked pictures, Indonesia could incur in a bigger disaster because that kind of money is forbidden (haram).

This came into the news shortly after the US sex symbol announced in her personal web page that she had posed naked for Playboy’s magazine January cover and she would donate 25 thousand dollars to the non-governmental organization (NGO) Waves of Water.

The nonprofit organization brings water filters to communities struggling to recover from natural disasters.

Anderson told TMZ.com “I’ve also donated personally. I wish I could do more. Indonesia, Haiti and Pakistan are all in need of these filters. Spread the word!”