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The most expensive dog breed in the world comes from China

A Red Tibetan Mastiff specimen has achieved the status of world’s most expensive dog, having been purchased in China for about one million euros.

According to the Huffington Post, an 11 months old dog , considered a “perfect example”, was bought by a Chinese millionaire with a fortune made in the area of the coal market.

According to a breeder, the new dog owner can easily recover the amount invested.

The owner may charge rent costs to other dog breeders of race, who want to use it for reproductive purposes.

With the name ‘Great Speckle’, the dog is a specimen of one of the most iconic breeds of Chinese culture.

The Red Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest and most remarkable animals of the Chinese culture and was mostly admired for his abilities as a guard dog.

Specimens of this breed are endowed with a ferocious temper, aggressive and typically difficult to train.

World public opinion has raised criticism of the morality of this acquisition, at a time when worldwide the number of dogs abandoned dogs increases in kennels or in the street, not to speak of starving populations which could be fed for months or even years with this amount of money.

Genetic researchers, here is your chance to get rich, we’re guessing a ‘Green Tibetan Mastiff’ would be worth even more.

Bristol’ Mom’s against Hooters

Marks & Spencer granted an empty space to Hooters, the restaurant chain famous by their busty waitresses, but mom’s are uniting forces trying to stop them.

Shortly after the announcement that Marks & Spencer would be subleting its former “Simply Food” shop to the US based Hooters food chain, protesters have turned their attention to M&S who own the unit at Millennium Square in which Hooters will be opening.

Bristol City Council’s licensing committee granted permission for the branch earlier this month but online parenting forum Mumsnet is backing a campaign against the move, and urging its one million monthly visitors to boycott M&S until it cancels the deal.

According to the Mumsnet’s forum member who started the pledge, “the site is virtually opposite 3 apartment blocks, the lower floors of which are social housing and children are living in them.”

The member who is identified as JessinAvalon at mumsnet.com goes on:
“What’s most disappointing is that Marks and Spencer are leasing the site to ‘Hooters’. They have been e-mailed by many concerned people to ask if they will reconsider leasing the building but they have just replied saying it is a “commercial decision” (as if that makes it ok!). In Sheffield, a ‘Hooters’ didn’t even make it to application stage because the developer (Ask Pizza) realised that it would be better not to be associated with a company like ‘Hooters’.

Marks and Spencer don’t seem that concerned, however. Although they have signed up to the “Let Girls Be Girls” Mumsnet campaign they are not concerned about a company which sells merchandise including babygros which say “Future Hooters Girl” and “Does my butt look big in this?”

I have written to Marks and Spencer telling them that I won’t be shopping in their stores again. If you feel strongly about this, please e-mail:


‘Hooters’ tries to sell itself as a family friendly restaurant but it is anything but. The Hooters in Nottingham attracts mainly stag parties and football fans. Hooters Girls take part in bikini contests and iced wet t-shirt competitions (the t-shirts are put in the freezers before the girls wear them). ‘Hooters’ has links to Playboy magazine….I could go on…..

I think Marks and Spencer should be shamed for facilitating this company’s expansion into Bristol. They are selling women and girls down the river by leasing to this company and all just to make a “quick buck”.

Thanks everyone.”