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Ryanair passenger in panic jumps to the wing of the plane using the emergency door

Fear of flying is something very common and we certainly all know someone who is terrified of getting into an airplane. What is not natural is getting on a plane with such fear that when the plane is ready to take off … a panic attack leads to the use of emergency doors over the wings to get off the plane!
A 20 year old Italian guy was on board a Ryanair plane in Italy when he did just that, he jumped onto the wing of the plane, and then to the ground (and given the height of the wing to the ground, he got a foot injury) .

No doubt that the young man must have felt relieved to have his feet firmly on the ground – even hurting – but … we can imagine the astonishment for all other passengers, watching such a scene, worthy of an action movie…

Exercise with your hands and fingers to prevent depression (demo)

This is a sensational medical discovery. The simple movement of your finger works like a miracle cure for depression, anxiety.
It is a simple exercise that can be practiced daily, anytime and at any place.

See demo below for a complete explanation of this amazing methodology.

The benefits are enormous and here is a small list of the wonderfull effects of this simple and efortless exercise:

  • depression cure
  • stress relief
  • blood pressure normalization
  • activates the production of serotonin which increase the pleasure and joy
  • activates blood circulation
  • activates the sexual libido
  • cures panic attack
  • eliminate phobias
  • etc..

It is indeed a very good treatment!

The active movement of the brain cures all…

See demo below for a complete explanation of this amazing methodology.