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American woman risks jail for hiring strippers for son’s party

An American woman was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of minors for having hired two ‘strippers’ to the birthday party of her 16 years old son.
Judith Viger, 33, was arrested Monday in Gansevoort, a small town in central New York state, according to the news agency EFE.

The party took place last November 3rd in a bowling lane and the complaint came after the parents of one of the minors attending the party have seen photos of the event on the Facebook account of his son.

The boy’s mother was accused of the crime of endangering the welfare of minors, for organizing the party and hire three exotic dancers who performed “private dances” for five young boys, under 17 years old (the youngest was 13 years), pointed out, this Wednesday, the Daily News.

The party was attended by about 80 people, and during the event there was no complaint.

A photo released by a parent shows one of the dancers, dressed in “sexy” lingerie in an erotic position on top of one of the assistants.

If convicted, Judith Viger can be sentenced to a year in prison.

Teacher is fired for teaching too much

In just one year, a young Spanish teacher has taught to much to her young students. School directors think it is too much and fired her. The parents intervened to make them hold the decision until the end of this year.
Teach fired for teaching too much
In education, teacher’s quality is often put into question. Normally, because they are bad teachers or because they can’t control the students. However, in Andorra, it seems to be just the opposite.

The teacher’s identity is not known. We only know that the teacher of the first cycle was ‘fired’ by the school … responsible for teaching well and too much their students.

Yeah, well read. According to the directors, with only five or six years, there are students who know how to read and do complex math operations. Currently, they are already learning to write, which is too much at this age, they say.

So the Spanish teacher was fired with immediate effect because the leaders wanted a more ‘relaxed’ education, so to speak.

However, after having knowledge of the will of the directors, the parents decided to intervene and could even prevent the teacher from being fired. Apparently, at home, children did not complain at all.

The school board recently decided to keep the teacher until the end of this school year, but the final decision is taken. The teacher will not remain in the school after this year.

American students offer sex favors to pay for school

Several American students saw on the site Seeking Arrangement a ‘easy’ way to pay the debts contracted to be graduated. On this site you can exchange sexual favors for money or other goods: cars, trips or courses.

A 22 year old female student assures she can get 20 to $30.000 per month, which allowed her to become independent from her parents at 18 years and pay for her own college, which is around U.S. $50.000 per year. The girl, who prefers to remain anonymous, says she leverages the help from “men who have money” and want “help”, she adds that her dreams “come true” and that she already received “cars, trips and jewelry”.

But she is not the only, the same way many students without parental support found on the website, created in 2006, men and women willing to pay them the degrees and personal expenses in exchange for sex.

Brando Lee, the founder of this site denies that it is a form of prostitution, stating that it exists just to enable an exchange between adults which society does not regard kindly. The website announces that it’s goal is the promotion of “mutually beneficial relationship” for both parties.

Teacher gave students a pen drive with a pornographic movie as working material

An Argentine teacher gave his students a pen drive with some material to help them in their work for biology class. However, when the students opened the file, they found a video with explicit sex scenes in which the teacher was the protagonist.

As expected, the case triggered a scandal among the parents of Manuel Dorrego Middle School, located in the town of Junin. But the biggest stir was created among the students, who rushed to share the material in the Internet.

The Biology teacher, whose identity was kept secret, had recorded the sex scene with her partner in a folder stored in the pen drive baned “Holidays”.

The school director, Gladys Prieto, acknowledged to reporters that she had lived an unfortunate episode with the teacher, but refused to give details about it.

According to the news, several parents complained about the carelessness of the teacher and said “is was not the first time an event like that occurs, as the teacher had been found caressing her partner within the school and not had been sanctioned.”