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Exercise with your hands and fingers to prevent depression (demo)

This is a sensational medical discovery. The simple movement of your finger works like a miracle cure for depression, anxiety.
It is a simple exercise that can be practiced daily, anytime and at any place.

See demo below for a complete explanation of this amazing methodology.

The benefits are enormous and here is a small list of the wonderfull effects of this simple and efortless exercise:

  • depression cure
  • stress relief
  • blood pressure normalization
  • activates the production of serotonin which increase the pleasure and joy
  • activates blood circulation
  • activates the sexual libido
  • cures panic attack
  • eliminate phobias
  • etc..

It is indeed a very good treatment!

The active movement of the brain cures all…

See demo below for a complete explanation of this amazing methodology.

Hooters Girls help cleaning the Gulf of Mexico donating their Pantyhose

As everyone knows, Hooters Girls are famous for their shiny pantyhose. But now they are using their said pantyhose for a good cause, help cleaning up the Gulf Coast.

Hooters Girls nationwide are donating their torn pantyhose to Indigo Oceanic and Matter of Trust in an effort to help absorb the oil which is devastating the Gulf of Mexico. Through the program, ingeniously titled Project Pantyhose, Hooters expects to collect over 100,000 pairs of hose which will be used to create booms, possibly soaking up 1 million gallons of oil.

Once laundered, the pantyhose will be stuffed with hair, fur and fleece in order to make the oil-absorbent booms. And if the panty-booms are reused 8 times, which is expected, they could ultimately absorb 1 million gallons of oil in the Gulf.

Hooters has teamed up with environmental non-profits Indigo Oceanic and Matter of Trust, two organizations creating the panty-booms. The booms will be grouped together and sent out into the Gulf to block the oil from reaching the coast.

According to the company, the life expectancy of a pair of pantyhose worn by Hooters Girls at work is about 2-3 shifts. And with 380 Hooters locations across the U.S. collecting pantyhose for the next four weeks, the goal is to create 15 miles of booms. Mike McNeil, Vice President of Marketing, Hooters of America, said in the company’s own style:
“Who would have thought our Hooters Girls’ pantyhose would have a use other than making the girls’ legs look great.”