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Robbery ends in orgy in Brazil

The assault at a residence in Carambei, in the Brazilian state of Paraná, ended up in a strange way. The thief was confronted with an orgy, into which he ended up participating. However he was arrested anyway for breaking into the house.


The thief, named José Pedro Alves, 39 years old, entered a residence in Carambei, in the Brazilian state of Paraná, with the intention of robbing.

However he was surprised with an invitation to participate in an orgy.

When he entered the main room, the thief found two couples having sex. Thinking that the “black mask was part of a sexual fantasy”, the participants invited him to join in.

José Pedro Alves quickly forgot what he wanted to do there and participated in the orgy for about half an hour, reported one of those involved.

However, the affinity with the alleged ‘victims’ of burglary, did not prevent him from being arrested.

Belgian Minister gets iPhone stolen live on TV

The phone of the Belgian Interior Minister, Joelle Milquet, was stolen live on Flemish television channel VRT, advances the Le Soir.

The incident took place on December 4 in a cafe full of people in the heart of the Belgian capital.

In the video, released by the channel, one can see a team of TRV filming the minister, who was accompanied by her daughter and his spokesman, when receiving a call from her husband. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed, after disconnecting the call, the minister puts the iPhone at the table and briefly leaves the site.

In that short time, a man approaches the journalists and those accompanying the minister with a newspaper, apparently trying to sell. Sitting at the table, the journalist replied politely, saying they shooting live so he could give him attention at that moment, without realizing that he was indeed a thief.

In no time, the individual puts the newspaper on the table, and since no one expressed an interest in his presence, peacefully leaves the place. But rather than just carry the paper, he also took the minister’s iPhone.

The minister and the journalists that attended only realized the iPhone was missing when Joelle Milquet began storing her belongings, and could not find the phone. She even complained that she never knows where she puts things. A few seconds where enough for the minister and the news team to realize who was responsible for the theft.

The ‘man of the newspaper’ was identified thanks to the images captured by the team at VRT.

Top 10 badass celebrities

Celebrities have lives of luxury, is rich, envied and desired, but are far from perfect. Because they are exposed to scrutiny by the media, their adventures and misadventures are the delight of a public that rejoices to find that the stars have “skeletons in the closet.” Time magazine provides a ranking of the stars who have proven they deserve the ‘naughty’ label.

Here we have their best moments, including some shoplifting caught live on video.

Lindsay Lohan – the star of children’s films that became a ‘bad girl’

Began as news in the pink press for their constant presence at parties but soon Lindsay Lohan got a presence in the tabloids for the most serious reasons.

Since 2007 the reputation of “party girl” gave rise to the ‘bad girl’ Lohan and degenerated into a spiral of consumption and possession of drugs. Having already been present in court several times, the actress was recently convicted of robbery and was forced to undergo 14 days of home detention, 480 hours of community service and three years’ probation.

Paris Hilton – the heiress ‘naughty’

In 2006, the ‘socialite’ American would be arrested for drunken driving, which would result in disqualification.

During the period of the ban was caught driving three times, until a judge ordered her arrest for 20 days.

This was not the only case in which Paris Hilton was involved. Hilton was recently arrested for drug possession.

Jim Morrison – The Legend and its problems with the Law

The lead singer of the Doors had several incidents with the law, many of them stemming from their behaviour during the concerts.

In December 1967 he was arrested for indecent exposure during a show and nine months later he would be arrested for dangerous driving plane. However, most mediatic arrest was made after the simulated sex during a concert in Miami.

In 1971, aged 27, Jim Morrison died in the bathtub, allegedly of a heart attack. It was speculated that the cause of death was overdose caused by alcohol and drugs.

The temper of Mel Gibson

In July 2006, the award-winning Hollywood actor was arrested for drunk driving. Fined, spent three years in probation and was forced to participate in a healing program for alcoholism.

However, the biggest scandal in which he was involved was the result of some anti-Semitic statements he has made. When it became known that he would have declared that “the Jews are responsible for all wars in the world,” Mel Gibson has apologized, but his reputation would be forever marked.

James Brown – the long history of the Godfather of Soul

James Brown’s problems with the law began early. As soon as 16 years old he was caught, in the company of a group of friends, stealing cars.

In 1988 would be arrested for drug and weapons trafficking and in 2004 for domestic violence.

Robert Mitchum – pioneer of marijuana

The actor from Hollywood’s Golden Age (years 50 and 60), who played several roles in film noir style, and was even nominated for an Oscar, was arrested and convicted for possession of marijuana in 1948, a time when the this drug was still uncommon.

Hugh Grant – “after all not a gentleman ‘

In 1995 Grant was arrested for lewd conduct in public in the company of a prostitute, which resulted in his imprisonment for a period of two weeks.

Only his honesty as to what occurred would help clean up his image in Hollywood.

Paul McCartney – in recidivist drug possession

In 1980, Paul McCartney is arrested on arrival at Tokyo airport, for taking a considerable amount of marijuana.

Beattles The singer would later confess that you took the drug because it “was too good to throw away.” This attitude has resulted in a Japanese prison 10 days, after which he was deported to the U.S..

Altogether the British artist was arrested four times for drug possession, two in 1972 and one in 1984.

Boy George – arrested for sexual assault

The British pop singer was accused and convicted of assaulting and imprisoning a Norwegian model. The model that George told authorities arrested him, handcuffed him and then hit him with a chain.

A London court sentenced him to 15 months in prison, of which the singer would serve only four, it would be released for good behavior.

Winona Ryder – Oscar nominated actress for stealing thousands of dollars on clothes

The actress shocked fans by being arrested in December 2001 for stealing thousands of dollars worth of products in store Saks 5th Avenue in Beverly Hills.

Although it was found not guilty was convicted of theft and vandalism (for pulling out of the anti-theft devices clothes). Was eventually ordered to pay a fine and three years probation.

Super granny defeats 6 thieves robbing a jewellery store

Six men were trying to rob a Rolex store in Northampton, England, when a 70-year old woman ran towards the criminals and prevented the assault.

The scene was captured when the six men on a bike were trying to get into the store to complete the assault.

At the time many people were on the street who did nothing to prevent the assault. However a 70 years’ ‘super-granny’ run towards the six men and began to hit them with her handbag, avoiding theft.

Sarah Jane Brown, a store employee said:
“We were terrified. We locked the door. We hid under the desk. We were really scared. And then, we looked outside and, God love her, she was running down the road, with her handbag in the air, banging them on the back of their helmet with her handbag.”

Police later announced that four of the six men were caught and taken to justice.