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American students offer sex favors to pay for school

Several American students saw on the site Seeking Arrangement a ‘easy’ way to pay the debts contracted to be graduated. On this site you can exchange sexual favors for money or other goods: cars, trips or courses.

A 22 year old female student assures she can get 20 to $30.000 per month, which allowed her to become independent from her parents at 18 years and pay for her own college, which is around U.S. $50.000 per year. The girl, who prefers to remain anonymous, says she leverages the help from “men who have money” and want “help”, she adds that her dreams “come true” and that she already received “cars, trips and jewelry”.

But she is not the only, the same way many students without parental support found on the website, created in 2006, men and women willing to pay them the degrees and personal expenses in exchange for sex.

Brando Lee, the founder of this site denies that it is a form of prostitution, stating that it exists just to enable an exchange between adults which society does not regard kindly. The website announces that it’s goal is the promotion of “mutually beneficial relationship” for both parties.