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American woman risks jail for hiring strippers for son’s party

An American woman was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of minors for having hired two ‘strippers’ to the birthday party of her 16 years old son.
Judith Viger, 33, was arrested Monday in Gansevoort, a small town in central New York state, according to the news agency EFE.

The party took place last November 3rd in a bowling lane and the complaint came after the parents of one of the minors attending the party have seen photos of the event on the Facebook account of his son.

The boy’s mother was accused of the crime of endangering the welfare of minors, for organizing the party and hire three exotic dancers who performed “private dances” for five young boys, under 17 years old (the youngest was 13 years), pointed out, this Wednesday, the Daily News.

The party was attended by about 80 people, and during the event there was no complaint.

A photo released by a parent shows one of the dancers, dressed in “sexy” lingerie in an erotic position on top of one of the assistants.

If convicted, Judith Viger can be sentenced to a year in prison.

Girl is fired from prison for being ‘too sexy’

A now former employee at a prison in England was dismissed for being deemed “too sexy”. She now wants to receive compensation from the government.

Amitjo Kajl, 22, said that colleagues made ​​her life a living hell, with nasty comments that she wore a lot of makeup and their clothes were too revealing.

She said she was alerted to the risks of being pulled into the cells of the juvenile detention home Brinsford Prison, near Wolverhampton. She has even been called “stupid little girl” by an older colleague.

She said she had worked at another prison with no problems, but that once moved began to be suppressed by using heavy makeup, bangles and nose ring. She even bought lighter shades and other products to fit the rules.

Amitjo, whose uniforms had to be adjusted because of their size, now fights in the courts for compensation from the Secretary of Justice, Jack Straw. “I could not sleep because of bullying and harassment. I lost weight and decided I could not resign myself,” said the girl.

Striptease at funerals? Yes, in Taiwan.

Many light a candle and make a prayer. In Taiwan, people go far beyond to homage the dead. Striptease dancers are often hired to “dance” in honor of the deceased.

With their minimal and sexy clothes, they present themselves in front of adults, seniors and children. Everything in a “respectful” environment.

According to an AFP report, the presence of erotic dancers in religious festivals have become increasingly common in the eastern country. Women display their bodies, among other things, to calm the wandering souls.

In 2011, the anthropologist Marc L. Moskowitz made a documentary about the practice, under the title “Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan.”