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Robbery ends in orgy in Brazil

The assault at a residence in Carambei, in the Brazilian state of Paraná, ended up in a strange way. The thief was confronted with an orgy, into which he ended up participating. However he was arrested anyway for breaking into the house.


The thief, named José Pedro Alves, 39 years old, entered a residence in Carambei, in the Brazilian state of Paraná, with the intention of robbing.

However he was surprised with an invitation to participate in an orgy.

When he entered the main room, the thief found two couples having sex. Thinking that the “black mask was part of a sexual fantasy”, the participants invited him to join in.

José Pedro Alves quickly forgot what he wanted to do there and participated in the orgy for about half an hour, reported one of those involved.

However, the affinity with the alleged ‘victims’ of burglary, did not prevent him from being arrested.

Tourist helped in searches for a missing person that ultimately was herself

A tourist in Iceland offered to help find a missing woman, but did not realize everybody was looking for herself!

The woman had traveled by bus to Eldgjá, a volcanic canyon situated in the south of Iceland and when the tour ended all the tourists returned to the bus, but her. At least that’s what the driver of the bus thought, because in reality she was on the bus, but with a different outfit from the one she was carrying when getting out of the vehicle.

Everything happened in the last week of August, when Eldgjá’s police received a communication from a bus driver stating that an Asian woman was lost. The search began immediately and continued for two days, without success.

On the third day the tourist who had volunteered to help on the searches noticed that the description of the missing woman (160cm tall, Asian origin with dark clothes) matched herself, except for the clothes.

It was a surprise, because after two days of searches the “missing person” was not only there, as she always had been, but also had helped in the search for herself. And all of this originated in a change of clothes.

Swedish woman finds a carrot wearing her ring lost 16 years ago

A Swedish farmer found the wedding ring around a carrot in her backyard. According to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the ring was lost since Christmas 1995.

That day, Lena Paahlsson took the ring to cook the Christmas dinner, she put it on the counter and, after the meal, the jewelry was gone.

According to The Telegraph, Lena and her daughters looked everywhere for the ring, that the bride had designed herself, but for 16 years they had no success.

To their big surprise, over a decade later, a carrot growing in the backyard brought to the surface the mythical lost ring.

While this episode might seem inexplicable, the farmer from Mora, northern Sweden, believes that the ring may have been ingested by a sheep which usually feed on the leftovers of family meals.

The animal manure is then used as fertilizer for the garden, so it may have been the cause of the disappearance and subsequent reappearance of this piece of jewelry.

Flight Attendant gets proposal in mid air

A flight attendant working for TAP got an original marriage proposal from her boyfriend during a flight between Lisbon and Barcelona.

The boyfriend went to one end of the plane and through the PA, announced to Vera Silva that he was on board because “he loved her very much” and wanted to ask her to marry him.
Across the TAP plane, Vera Silva replied that she accepted the request, receiving applause from the passengers.
After a short ride on the plane at ten thousand feet, the two sealed the commitment with a kiss and an engagement ring.