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Students throw eggs at IMF representative in Turkey.

Turkey’s reputation was tarnished when receiving an IMF representative with eggs and insults in a speech at a university in the country.

Mark Lewis is the economic representative of the IMF for Turkey, and went to Uludag University to give a lecture to some students of economics course.

But suddenly the speaker representing the monetary authority was interrupted by an unexpected event.

As he spoke, Lewis was forced to deviate from an egg thrown by a student, which was followed by even a second one. After the eggs came the slogan which was heard: “IMF out!ยป.

Mark Lewis reflexes prevented him from being hit by the egg attack, but will not be enough to turn over an episode that is not unprecedented in the country. As the Daily Telegraph noted in 2009, a Turkish citizen had thrown a shoe to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, then Chairman of the IMF, during his visit to the country.

See the video of the moment the IMF representative had to dodge the eggs thrown by the students.