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U.S. is stealing the clouds and causing a severe drought in the Middle East

The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has repeatedly launched accusations the United States, but the last beats them all. Ahmadinejad ensures that the U.S. government is diverting the clouds of Syria, in order to cause drought that is now affecting the country.

ahmadinejad says USA are stealing clouds

Iran is located in an extremely dry area of the planet, which has always been affected by a similar climate, with some regions in a state of permanent drought. Something that does not prevent the Iranian president to blame the United States for the lack of rain that has been felt.

“America is developing a sinister design to prevent rain clouds from coming to our country and diverting them, causing the drought. However, they can destroy the clouds, but we will win the war, ” Ahmadinejad said to the media in his country.

Glasses to see blurred women

Ultra-Orthodox discover a way to avoid carnal temptations.

Members of some ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities in Jerusalem, are resorting to peculiar ways to avoid falling into temptation while looking at women dressed in a less conservative way … The latest trend are special glasses that allow you to clearly see at the distance of a few meters, but blur everything that is closer than that. It should also be noted that the ‘protecting’ glasses are sold, 5 dollars a pair, by unofficial groups that oversee the costumes and the compliance with religious rules.

Olympic athlete exhibits a nipple during competition in London

The television channel NBC broadcast live the breast of a water polo player during the 2012 London Olympics.
It all happened during the game between the women’s teams from Spain and the United States of America. During an “Olympic oops” moment, one of the athletes was temporarily half naked in front of the cameras, showing off her boob/nipple live to millions of viewers around the world.
Ooops - boob London Olympics

American guy dies trying to smoke after drinking gasoline

A man from the state of North Carolina, USA, died this week while trying to smoke a cigarrete after accidentally drinking a sip of gasoline.
According to CBS, a spokesman for the city of Havelock – city where the incident occurred – says Gary Allen Banning, 43, was at some friend’s when he mistakenly drank gasoline from a bottle left on a kitchen counter.

After realizing what he had, the guy spit out the liquid, which then felt to his clothes.

Some time after the ingestion of gasoline, the research team have said that Gary went outside and in a habitual gesture, lit a cigarette. It was enough to burst him into flames.

Crime suspicions are inconclusive, but the Havelock police continues the investigation.